Serine occurs naturally in an L-isomer form, that is what we are selling, L-Serine.

We offer L-Serine as a pure crystalline powder in bulk quantities. There are no additives.

Serine is just one of the amino acids which form the building blocks of all the proteins that make up the human body. Serine’s known benefits to proper human functioning are numerous. Serine is an integral component of particular phospholipids (fatty compounds) which are important constituents of cellular membranes. Serine also makes up brain proteins and nerve coverings. Serine aids in the production of immunoglobulins and antibodies.

Some specifications for our pharmaceutical grade L-Serine:

CAS Number: 56-45-1
Conforms To: USP, EP, JP Specifications
Chemical Name: (S)-2-Amino-3 -hydroxypropionic Acid
Chemical Formula: C3H7NO3
Molecular Weight: 105.0900
Nitrogen Content: 0.1333
Assay: 98.5% to 101.0%
Solubility: Freely soluble in water
Description: White crystals or crystalline powder; slightly sweet taste

It’s important to note that you should talk with your physician or health care provider about using L-Serine. While L-Serine is not a drug, your physician should know of any and all supplements you are taking.