Serine dose – how much to take

Serine dose – how much to take

White powder from jarThere is minimal in the medical literature as to how much serine to take for various conditions. This is primarily based on the fact that very few conditions have been conclusively tied directly to a deficiency in serine (at least to the standards of being documented in the medical literature).

One deficiency is well documented at this time and that is 3-Phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase (3-PGDH) deficiency. If you are reading this you do not personally have the deficiency, it causes rather severe mental and physical disabilities. You may be a carrier, as I am, and your children may be effected.

The dose in the literature for 3-PGDH deficiency is often cited as 600 mg/kg/day.

Treatment should start with L-serine at a dose of 400-600 mg/kg/day in four to six doses; in most of the cases, the dose of L-serine is around 600 mg/kg/day.

(that is from one such article)

Nerve pain is associated with several disorders including Peripheral Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia. I personally have found that 300 mg/kg/day eliminates all my nerve pain with no associated side effects (that is 27 grams per day, taken in three  9 gram doses). NOTE that I am not recommending, suggesting, nor advising, I am purely reporting what works for me, and actually my mom as well. Consult your doctor or other healthcare provider.

One study on peripheral neuropathy out of Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard University’s teaching hospital) concluded with “These observations … raise the prospect of l-serine supplementation as a first treatment option for this disorder,” specified “Subjects received daily supplements of powdered l-serine (mixed in water for consumption) on a low- or high-dose schedule (200 or 400 mg/kg body weight, respectively; n = 7 per group).”

There is currently a clinical study, “L-Serine Supplementation in Hereditary Sensory Neuropathy Type 1,” also at Massachusetts General Hospital that will be testing for nerve pain treatment and they will be using a dose of 400 mg/kg/day …

Drug: L-serine
400mg/kg/d L-serine or placebo divided TID for year 1, then crossover of placebo arm so that all patients on 400mg/kg/d L-serine divided TID for year 2.

Take note of the numbers. The end result of what one would take is in GRAMS not milligrams (because it is thousands of milligrams). Serine weighs approximately 4 grams per teaspoon. This would be 54 capsules a day for me if I went that route! (See our calculator.)

400 mg/kg/d for a 150 pound adult equals approximately 27 grams a day (27000 mg), about 7 teaspoons.

That should give you an idea of the doses that others are using and testing with. Again, check with your healthcare provider to see what will work best for you.

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  1. this is very interesting. i am wondering if i should supplement. some labs showed i am deficient in serine. 3 years my legs and feet have hurt terribly 24/7. my doctor wasn’t sure how i shoukd proceed. any much appreciated advise?

    • I am not a doctor and will NOT give medical advice. I will tell you that I have peripheral neuropathy with pain and tingling in my feet and legs. Serine has definitely taken the pain away.
      I have worked with the doctor in this clinical study: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01733407
      You can have your doctor get in touch with me, I will gladly share information. L-Serine very well may work for you, many people are successfully using it for this condition.

  2. My name is Bertram R. Henry, MD

    I have hereditary peripheral neuropathy motor and sensory. I have been on L-Serine since June 2015 and currently on 3-teaspoons BID or total of 16,500mg daily. I have no side effects and plan to increase to 4-teaspoons BID April 1st for a month then increase to 5-teaspoons BID on May 1st. for a total of 27,500mg daily.

    I have had no side effects for l-Serine

  3. I have painful small fiber peripheral neuropathy for 10 years now and am
    on the max of 300 mg of lyrica a day. My doctor tested me and found that I am
    low in Serine.
    Which subliment would you advise me
    Thank you

  4. I’ve been taking 26000mg of Serine
    daily for 2 months & I presently have no neuropathy symptoms – amazing after
    10 years. Does anyone know if I should
    continue at the same dose or should I change
    to a lower maintenance dose of ???

  5. I work with lake and sea restoration projekts in Sweden, therefore i come in contact with the bacteria. When checking with the research team that appeared on TV. They told me that the average dosage of the Japanese village was 10-12 grams a day. We western people usually get 2-3 grams from our food sources. So for me taking L-serin in a preventive measure, they elaborated around 15 grams a day (im at 90 kg, and TV-team are of course not aloud to give recommendations!). Any comments on the dose?

    • I do not give recommendations either. I will tell you that, for very different reasons, I take a dose about three times that, and I, too, am about 90 kg. My only point in saying that is to say that it is considered safe at higher doses. It sounds like your reasoning for the amounts you mention is solid.

    • I am not sure what you are asking. The difference is in the level of purity required for testing and labeling. Most, if not all, studies are done using the Pharmaceutical grade. My guess is that most people would not find a difference in efficacy, but I am not a doctor or pharmacist!

  6. I just bought L-serine in powder form based on the huge article in Fortune magazine.. What are your recommendations for how much to start with and how quickly to escalate it? How long did it take to relieve neuropathy pain (which I have in feet and lower legs)?

    • From all my experience, both personally and what I have seen, you can start or stop at any dose without harm. As to how much to take, I cannot say. I have found neuropathy relieve within days.

  7. I have a dear friend who has Parkinson’s Disease, coupled with Alzheimer’s Disease. His wife is disabled also. They can barely make ends meet as is. His wife asked me to find out what suggestions you might have to help them get the L serine. It is so costly.

    Also, from where do you get the L serine? I’m taking it as a preventative.

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