Mixing and Matching – taking your serine

Figuring out how much serine to take, and then taking it, are two issues we all face. I will not tell you how much to take other than point you to your healthcare provider or to legitimate medical research. You may know how many grams you want to take per day, or it may be … Read more

Serine dose – how much to take

There is minimal in the medical literature as to how much serine to take for various conditions. This is primarily based on the fact that very few conditions have been¬†conclusively¬†tied directly to a deficiency in serine (at least to the standards of being documented in the medical literature). One deficiency is well documented at this … Read more

Why serine? Why us?

Twenty-two years ago I learned the importance of Serine in the human body. First, my daughter was born with “an inborn error of serine deficiency.” Then, two years later, the same with my son. They were actually not diagnosed for a few years, and until then there was nothing in the medical literature about the … Read more